What is word mark and design mark?


A trademark that is a word mark and design mark is a distinctive symbol that is a design, symbol, or other expression that indicates a product or service that comes from a specific source. The trademark owner could be:

  • A person.
  • A business entity.
  • An entity that is legally legal.

A trademark may be found:

  • A package.
  • On a label.
  • A voucher.
  • Actual product.
  • On the building used by the company.

Define Word mark?

A wordmark is a distinct symbol that is only written in an organization’s name. business designed to distinguish an organization and for the branding of the company. An example of this is the script styling of”Coca-Cola” or the script styling for Coca-Cola. It is treated to a graphic treatment in order to increase its impact and make the text more memorable. Most of the time, they work in the visualisation of the word , creating an image of the item.

Differences Between Wordmarks and Logos

When you think about the brand mark concepts for your business, consider your logo as a visual representation of the company you work for. However the brand mark is an emotional image of shape, form, or graphic that conveys an emotional message to your target audience.

Although every wordmark is an emblem, not every logo can be considered an official wordmark. The major distinction between them is that a logo is one that is based on text. It does not contain images or graphic images apart from those created by the word. If the word is accompanied by another image it’s not considered to be a wordmark.

We’ve established that the wordmark is a logo however, not every logo can be a wordmark. Wordmarks are easy to identify and easily recognized, and three among the more famous and well-known ones being:

  • Coca-Cola.
  • FedEx.
  • Google.

Three types of logos?


Word mark

Combination mark

Use of a Word mark Over a Graphic.

While some of your loved companies might be simple to remember just by looking at their logo, if every company had small images, it could create confusion, and it would be hard to remember the different images and pictures.

Wordmarks not only make an identifiable image, but it is also able to keep its prominence. Because they are efficient for branding, they’re becoming the standard in creating designs.

The Difference Between a Servicemark and a Trademark

Service marks are identical to trademarks but in that they are used in order to identify an service rather than the product. The term”trademark” or “mark” is frequently used interchangeably with services and marks, even, even though they are distinct. You are granted the right to use a trademark or a service mark for only as long as it’s not confusingly identical to another mark , making it difficult for consumers to differentiate from the other.

Design mark and word mark.

There are two methods to get a trademark registered. Although they are known under different names, I will refer to one as the other a “word mark” and the other “design mark.” A word mark is comprised of the text in a specific trademark, without regards to the style, design or graphic elements. A design mark is comprised of these stylized features.


How Design Trademarks Are Treated By Examining Attorneys

Because there are a variety of distinctions that can be found among different design trademarks There is a greater chance of confusion over the origin of the trademark. For instance, a picture of a male and female in a company that offers cosmetics and health products is more likely to be misinterpreted as the same design that is on a specific cosmetic or health product. Sometimes , any similarity in brands within the same service or product class could be at risk of being rejected.

The possibility of confusion is the similar to word mark. If a word mark invokes the same image, it is an image that is being used. A good example of this is one case that involved the shoe industry that employed an oblong silhouette of a lion’s head with the letter L as their logo. In this case it was determined to be too similar to a word mark of a lion which is also utilized to symbolize the shoe company.

Good qualities of a logo.

  • Simple. Simple logos are the ones people can recognize as soon as they see them. …
  • Scalable. A great logo should be simple enough to be able to be scaled down or up and still look good.
  • Memorable / Impact full. A great logo should be impact full. …
  • Versatile. …
  • Relevant

Consideration for Composite Trademarks

An integrates trade is a mixture of designs and words which are combined to form a trademark. The Examiners Office of the United States Patent & Trademark Office typically, they will give greater importance to a significant element in its analysis of likelihood of confusion. Most of the time the word element is given the highest weight.

 This is due to the fact that consumers tend to prefer using terms to refer to services and goods. While the USPTO will take into account the word “words” as to be the most dominant feature the courts could be more flexible when deciding the element that should be considered as the most dominant.

If you are filing for trademark protection with the USPTO, you have to support your application with a drawing of the trademark. If the mark is graphic design that is stylized, the mark must be drawn in the specific design format it will be displayed in. If you require assistance with a trademarks for design marks You are able to make a request on the marketplace of Up Counsel.